YMCA Dolphins Swim Team

The YMCA of McDonough County Dolphin Swim Team is a team which accommodates all swimmers from those who have recently learned to swim to national qualifiers. Ages range from 5 to 21 years of age. We strive for quality instruction and workouts which suit each swimmer's abilities and goals. The Coaches, Swim Team members and parents association will consistently strive to teach and exhibit YMCA program philosophies as well as YMCA Character Development Traits (Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility).

Program Goals
- To promote the physical, mental and spiritual well being of swimmers and parents.
- To teach competitive swimming which is not only an exciting sport but also a technical and specialized activity.
- To teach total fitness since all components of fitness influence faster swimming.
- To engage in athletics with a full gamut of youth sporting experiences which teach swimmers to deal with winning, losing, officiating, awards, competition, teammates, coaches, parents, spirit and strategy.
- To motivate and teach swimmers how to strive for self-improvement throughout the season and life. This is accomplished through awards and individual recognition.
- To establish a meet schedule which encourages participation, motivation and success.
- To keep the parent informed, aware, and active in team matters.
- To cultivate positive mental attitudes, since positive attitudes are contagious. This is especially true for the older swimmers who serve as the role models for our younger swimmers.
- To promote swimming as a great sport for life participation.
- To have fun!

The swim season runs from October through mid-March. All swimmers must be YMCA members. JOIN TODAY!

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