Adult Aquatics

Water exercises help ease stiff joints, build strength, and relax sore muscles. Water’s buoyancy reduces pressure on joints by providing a feeling of weightlessness. Thus, exercises that would be impossible on land can be performed with ease in the water. Water also provides some resistance, so that muscles can increase in strength over time.

If you have arthritis or fibromyalgia, exercise is essential. Exercise is important for healthy joints and strengthening the muscles around joints. Water workouts are also good for stress reduction–it benefits the mind as well as the muscles!

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Water Walking

For those interested in walking without the pain of pounding the pavement. This 45 minute class in shallow water focuses on moving at a pace using various steps to improve mobility and to strengthen core muscles. This class is for those with arthritis and physical challenges.


For those with or without physical challenges who ache to workout without causing more aches! This 60-minute class works every joint and muscle group with slow and gentle movement is ideal for people with physical challenges. Mainly held in the deep end with swim belts required.

Water Workout

This 60-minute class held in the shallow end is an upbeat, low impact workout for those who like to move to the music. No prior dance experience needed. Low to moderate intensity.

Water Aerobics

An energetic 24-minute workout for the whole body to strengthen, tone and improve participant’s cardiovascular system and flexibility. Held in both shallow and deep ends with swim belts provided. Upbeat music sets the tempo and encourages moving! Moderate to higher intensity.

Aqua Fit

This 45-minute class utilizes aerobics and water resistance to create a full body workout designed to increase strength and flexibility in deeper water for less impact on joints. Swim belts provided. Moderate intensity.

Hydro Circuit

A 45 minute class for those who want a more vigorous circuit training style workout with the benefits of water for resistance, reduced stress on joints and cooling down the body. This user-friendly workout encourages participants to push themselves to their desired level of intensity. Swim belts provided.

Adult Swim Clinic

This 45-minute class is for competitive-minded swimmers who desire to improve their techniques, increase their stamina and effectiveness of lap swimming. Swimmers must be able to swim at least 500 years with a combination of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, without the use of a personal floatation device, kickboard or kick stick.

Adult Swim Lessons

For those who want to learn to swim or improve their recreational swimming skills. The basics are taught and each person is worked with to their personal level of comfort and skill level.


Contact: Laura Hutchins
Aquatics Coordinator
(309) 833-2129