Letter to YMCA Members Concerning Covid 19


First, take a deep breath.

It was a pretty sad day at the YMCA on Tuesday morning. The realization that we had to close the doors to our members for their safety, our safety and the community’s safety was a hard “pill to swallow”. The implications of this were far reaching as so many of you are already aware. I’d like to thank you for your membership to the YMCA and for your support of our mission to ensure family wellness.

Your YMCA is open seven days a week and rarely closed throughout the year. What can I say about a bunch of diverse employees, members and volunteers?  Well I can say that we are a family.  As a member of the YMCA you are part of a great community that supports kids and families from young to old, from diverse backgrounds and socioeconomic levels.

The YMCA is a community partner by providing the following until further notice:

HOME DELIVERED MEALS AND drive thru service for scheduled meals as well as tax preparation and senior information appointments.  

The YMCA DAY CARE CENTER will be in service for 1st responders as well as medical personnel and single parents who hold positions in the community that are not required to close.


For Youth Development
For Healthy Living
For Social Responsibility

To continue to offer the above services we ask you to consider the following as it comes to refunds:



Our members are the backbone of the Y and without you we would crumble.

Members that have paid in full for the year or doing a monthly checking account withdrawal would simply go ahead with it and consider their payment a donation to this cause. All members, considering this, will be welcomed back to the Y after these knowing their contribution helped reopen the doors. Your name would be recognized for your selfless contribution. If you would like to make this more formal you may email staff@macombymca.org








Or you may choose other options:

PAID IN FULL for the year

We will extend your membership for the weeks that we were closed.  



We understand that money might be tight in your household. Please contact staff@macombymca.org

to stop your EFT payment and if you wish to rejoin the Y when we reopen the Joiner Fee will be waived for up to two months after we reopen. You are valuable to us; we want you back!



We will extend your membership for the weeks that we were closed. Please contact the HR representative at your business for additional information.


For information on cancelled classes:

We will make this right; we ask for your patience as this is dependent upon when we can resume classes. There will be a class credit, or we will be able to add the missed classes upon reopening.


We do have staff answering phones until the end of the week so call 309-833-2129 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or email.  During our closure, we will take full advantage of several things in our facilities such as deep cleaning, painting and repairs.  The residents of McDonough County are strong and during this challenging time we would encourage you to continue supporting each other.  Most of all, we are still here for you and your membership helps to ensure the YMCA will continue when we can reopen.


So, as we were wrapping up on Tuesday, getting ready to close the YMCA for an undetermined length of time, a long-time member said as she passed the Front Desk, with tears in her eyes “I’m going to miss this place, this is my family.” Another man leaving at the same time said with emotion, “This is home for me.” Both were understanding, they knew what had to be done for the good of the community and they both knew we would be back better than ever!  We appreciate your kind thoughts and we absolutely feel like you are our family!  We will miss you during this time.  Looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.








On behalf of The Staff and Board of Directors

YMCA of McDonough County